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OK... so here's the deal.

I am replaying Final Fantasy X because its one of those games that I really REALLY want to get past but still (STILL) haven't. I have owned the game since its release but cannot for the life of me finish it.

The first time I played it (so very VERY long ago) I skipped the tutorial on the Sphere Grid and couldn't work out why I couldn't beat the SinSpawn boss at Mushroom Rock. Duh.

Then I played through again after a year of it just sitting there (from the beginning) and got stuck on the underwater machina boss you fight against with Wakka and Tidus. For four very long years I kept the game locked away with no intentions at all to play it. (Maybe because Final Fantasy X-2 was on my mind more.)

Tried playing it again and I must have lost the mojo to play cause I was stuck on Lord Oucho on Besaid Island (yeah... I know my thoughts exactly) and then I just threw it in the "To Finish" box of games (which seems to be growing quite a bit) that wasn't opened until last week and I refound my love of FFX.

So I am playing again and in the three days since I have started, I am almost up to Macalania Temple. I'm thinking I may... Just may... get really REALLY far this time... But I still don't think I will be able to finish it.

Against the final bosses (like right at the end) what combos of players do people recommend and around what HP?

At the moment I have been levelling up Lulu, Yuna and Auroun. They are all between 1500-2000 HP at the moment.

Thanks everyone.

Any and all comments accepted.
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