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Multi-fic post [30 Jan 2015|01:00pm]

Title: "By Sea (To Stay)"
Author: Amorissy
Characters: Yuna, Kimahri Ronso
Rating: PG
Warning: Mild spoilers for the backstories of Yuna, Kimahri, Braska, and Auron.
Summary: One-shot. Pre-game events.  Yuna's pilgrimage was not her first journey across Spira.

Title:  "And Never to Return"
Author: Amorissy
Characters: Auron & Lulu
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for up to and including events of Luca and the Mi'ihen Highroad.
Summary: One-shot.  The road to Zanarkand never seemed so long.  A guilt-ridden, unguarded mind fears the lonely nights most of all.

Title: "Mykonos"
Author: Amorissy
Characters: Jecht
Rating: PG
Warning: Minor spoiler warning for Jecht's story, as revealed in Luca.
Summary: One-shot.  He is no villain, but the beast within the beast.
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A Multi Fandom Master/Slave Game [12 Feb 2014|05:21pm]

Master or Slave?

Supernatural or Human?

The creatures of the Earth have always been separated into two distinct categories, the Supernatural, and humans, otherwise known as the Children of Eden. Supernaturals are comprised of the superior races; werewolves, vampires, and witches. Humans are considered weak. This, of course, meant that they needed to be protected from themselves, and the best way to protect them, was to enslave them. After all, a human couldn’t eat the apple of sin, if their hands were bound.

This is the story of Crescent Hills, a town tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, where the Supernatural rule without fear, and their human slaves obey them without question. But times are changing. The rift between the Supernaturals is growing. Werewolves and witches consider vampires to be abominations. Werewolves and vampires think witches are too human. Vampires and witches think werewolves have no control. Human slaves are witness to it all, and some have decided to use it to their advantage. It has always felt like the Supernatural races and the human race are at war, or at least that the humans have been rebelling against them. The three power houses of the Supernatural have kept them at bay until now, and they believe they are winning the war against the humans.

In another part of the Mountains, camps of renegade humans have developed, making it their goal to disrupt Supernatural society in any way possible. Over the last year, attacks on outlying estates, slave “rescues”, and theft of supplies have skyrocketed. Several camps have been raided, and the humans sold into servitude. Little do the owners know, these slaves aren’t just content to serve. Now they are working from the inside, trying to bring down the great Houses of the Supernaturals. Some ‘born’ slaves have been convinced to turn against their Masters, while others remain loyal. A storm is brewing, and only time will tell which side will be victorious.

Will you give orders or will you submit? Apply as master or slave and enter the world of supernaturals and humans. Original characters are welcome and encouraged. The game started September 29th!

Game started September 29th. APPLY TODAY.

childofedenmod | childofeden_rp | childofeden_ooc
Application | Characters | Wanted Characters | Master and Slave List | Members | Dropbox
Rules & FAQ | Holds | Useful Information | Locations | Calendar | Friends Button | Tags
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[13 Aug 2013|01:35pm]

30 Yuna Roleplay Icons
Final Fantasy X (PS3 HD Remaster) (3 .gif icons) [13]
Final Fantasy X-2 (PS3 HD Remaster) (2 .gif icons) [12]
Dead Fantasy (all .gif images) [5]
Right this way! @amandathings
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FF X & X-2 Icons [30 Dec 2012|10:25pm]

58 Final Fantasy X and X-2 artbook icons.


:) Comments/credit always appreciated.
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[29 Dec 2012|08:11pm]

Final Fantasy X-2 (25 Icons)

Yuna [9]
Rikku [10]
Paine [6]
Right this way, sir~
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Final Fantasy X Video Montage [02 Oct 2012|02:35pm]

Hey everyone!

I'm new to the community, and an avid FFX fan!  I recently made a video montage of the game, using HD clips and an orchestration of "Zanarkand" (It's played by the orchestra in the Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy Concert).  I was trying to go for the storyline, but it seems like I was focused on the romance -___-.  In a 4:30-ish long song, it's really hard to fit the entire storyline XD.  So I hope you all enjoy it!!!

I would embed it...but for some reason, it only goes to fullscreen, which destroys my beautiful HD image T_T.
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[AD] vgames_stamps [05 Sep 2012|06:07pm]


vgames_stamps is a rating community that focuses on any and every video game that members want a stamp for! We have themes that people of this community would be interested in: there's already a theme for Final Fantasy X, plus themes for quite a few of the other FF games. So if you're a fan of video games and rating communities, come join us!

Click on the banner to visit the community :)
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I come with fiction, that's worth something, yeah? [24 Jun 2012|06:23pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Hi! New to the community, definitely not new to the fandom. Been playing FFX since it came out, and I've beat it and FFX-2 a few times. I love it perhaps a little too much...

Anywho, I come with a gift, sorta. Fanfiction! YAY! With an original character!

And watch everyone run away...

Seriously though, just hear me out. As much as I love FFX, there was one thing that bothered me once FFX-2 came out. Summoners existed before Sin, yeah? Lenne was one after all. But, if Yunalesca created the Aeons from the Guardians of the Summoners that fought Sin, what Aeons did Pre-Sin Era Summoners use? Then I remembered that Magus Sisters and Yojimbo were not widely known.

Cue brilliant idea number one: there are a buttload more Aeons, and they're just forgotten about. Brilliant idea number two: They were purposely hidden by Yevon.

Now do I got your interest? This idea is the focus of my story, really. It's not so much another retelling of the game, I'm adding around 10 more Aeons, fleshing out the story of Sin's creation and life before then, giving some background characters like Belgemine a lot more focus...

And yeah, adding an original character. Over on she's has a few fans, you can read the reviews for the story here . I know OC fiction is notorious for being horrible works of fiction, but I give my oath as a devout fan to the series that I have done my best to keep this as true to the game as possible- not recreating it but building on to it- keeping characters we have fallen in love with in character. And I have strive to make Terra an 3-d character...

So, don't think this as a Fanfiction that is a simple retelling the story with an added character, but a retelling that expands the story greatly. How did Belgemine die? What Aeons did Summoners use before Sin and the Final Summoning?

Did Auron interact with anyone else in Dream Zanarkand?

Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Note: Original Character, AU
Pairing: One-sided Auron/Oc, Cannon Pairings
Genre: Adventure, Humor, Drama, Romance
Rating: Teen
Summary:Legend says before Sin there were 16 Aeons scattered around Spira, yet Yevon only teaches of 5. To aid Yuna defeat Sin, the Fayth of those forgotten woke one who knew where to find them. If anything, Terra only made the situation worse.
Other stuff: Terra is not the same as the heroine in Final Fantasy VI.

Here at my LJ
At FF.Net (has way more chapters as of right now)

By the way, this is no where near finished. This will be one of those epic-length stories, because FFX was long enough even without more Aeons, and most-if-not-all of the side quests. This will take years to finish. Especially since I'm the queen of procrastination.

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[22 Jun 2012|01:02am]


here @ seasalt_works
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14 icons [21 Jun 2012|06:13pm]


Final Fantasy 9 [1 - 33]
Final Fantasy 10 [34 - 48]
Final Fantasy 8 [49 - 56]
Pandora Hearts [57 - 61]

Here @kimi_n0_kioku
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[12 Feb 2012|08:04pm]


here @ seasalt_works
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OK... so here's the deal. [01 Feb 2012|07:33pm]

I am replaying Final Fantasy X because its one of those games that I really REALLY want to get past but still (STILL) haven't. I have owned the game since its release but cannot for the life of me finish it.

The first time I played it (so very VERY long ago) I skipped the tutorial on the Sphere Grid and couldn't work out why I couldn't beat the SinSpawn boss at Mushroom Rock. Duh.

Then I played through again after a year of it just sitting there (from the beginning) and got stuck on the underwater machina boss you fight against with Wakka and Tidus. For four very long years I kept the game locked away with no intentions at all to play it. (Maybe because Final Fantasy X-2 was on my mind more.)

Tried playing it again and I must have lost the mojo to play cause I was stuck on Lord Oucho on Besaid Island (yeah... I know my thoughts exactly) and then I just threw it in the "To Finish" box of games (which seems to be growing quite a bit) that wasn't opened until last week and I refound my love of FFX.

So I am playing again and in the three days since I have started, I am almost up to Macalania Temple. I'm thinking I may... Just may... get really REALLY far this time... But I still don't think I will be able to finish it.

Against the final bosses (like right at the end) what combos of players do people recommend and around what HP?

At the moment I have been levelling up Lulu, Yuna and Auroun. They are all between 1500-2000 HP at the moment.

Thanks everyone.

Any and all comments accepted.
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Music Video:: On your own [ Videogame Tribut ] [06 Dec 2011|11:02pm]


Program:: Sony Vegas 10
Time:: About 8 hours
Song:: So Cold by Ben Cocks [ pitched ]

this is my first post here in this communities. I hope you enjoy! 
Tell me what you think. =)

About the MV::

This Video not only contains Final Fantasy X footage. But a lot! 
It's about my love for Videogames. How you grow and suffer with your charakters through the game. The Final Fantasy Series are one of my favorite games so far. So they have do be in this Videogame Tribut. 

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[29 Nov 2011|10:46am]


+17 Code Geass
+17 Final Fantasy (X/X-2 & XIII/XIII-2 | +6 alternates)

Over here at gallades
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[03 Oct 2011|11:30am]

Icons and banner;
-Final Fantasy X (Rikku, Tidus)
-Final Fantasy X-2 (Tidus, Yuna)

This way, please.
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Three-sentence AU meme [13 Sep 2011|02:21pm]

Not sure whether this is allowed, but I'm hosting a Three-Sentence AU Meme in which you can comment with a character(s)/pairing(s) and an AU setting, and I'll write a three-sentence fic in reply.

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[Fanfic] FFX: Mistakes & Glories Ch. I [29 Aug 2011|06:41pm]

Title: Final Fantasy X: Mistakes & Glories 
Author: tumnus__
Chapter: Chapter I
Pairing: Includes passing reference to Jecht/Tidus's Mother
Rating: G
Summary: Ten years before the events of Final Fantasy X, Jecht, the king of Blitzball, found himself among the company of Summoner Braska and his guardian, Auron.Together, they traveled to rid the world, Spira, of Sin.Their pilgrimage was never recorded it its entirety...until now.
Number of Words:  5,879

Author's Notes: Please enjoy and make sure to tell me what you think! 
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Anime garage sale; FFX doujinshi included! [27 Aug 2011|01:07am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

See pricing/what's available here:

First come first serve. A lot of great stuff!

Warnings: there are a few (non-pornographic) scans of yaoi doujinshi pages in this post as well.

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[12 Jul 2011|05:01pm]

001. 46 Final Fantasy Fanart / Offical Artwork
001. 10 Misc: Kingdom Hearts II, Vocaloid

here @ seasalt_works
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Friending Meme~! [10 Jul 2011|03:43pm]

RPG Summer F r i e n d i n g M e m e

Cross-Posting everywhere. Sorry for the f-list spam D;
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